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Victoria Radochyna


Over the course of 18 classes you will master the basic knowledge of the technique

of drawing Samchykivka Art.


info classes


practice classes


           Audio: Ukrainain     Subtitles: English                    BEGINNER LEVEL      


Victoria Radochуna


Folk master of Samchykivka Art

Member of the National Union of Masters of Decorative Arts of Ukraine

Ukrainian artist, illustrator, and graphic designer, with 20 years of experience. She is reviving Ukrainian Samchykivka Art and will help you to discover its beauty and master the technique of painting from the beginning level.

Samchykivka art is a cultural heritage of Ukrainian decorative art, which began its revival in the '60s.

My online course is not just painting lessons, it is a program to revive the lost knowledge of decorative art in Ukraine.


The quality of your knowledge is very important to me, so I personally check your drawings, correcting mistakes, and providing comments.

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Who is it for?     


For lovers of Ukrainian art

For Ukrainians and foreigners who are interested in learning about Ukrainian culture.


For designers

For designers of all directions, interiors, landscape, clothes, etc. This course will inspire you to new ideas in your realization.


For artists, illustrators

This course will give you a different way of thinking about Ukrainian art.

For children from 12 years

Samchykivka art is a graphic that needs a firm hand and neatness. Young children do not yet have such skills, so this course is more suitable for older children.


For those who just love these pictures and working with bright colors. During the draw, you will be filled with positive emotions, because all the pictures are painted with bright colors. Imagine how good it would be to add to the stories of owning a unique technique. You will be one of the few people who now paint in the style of Samchykivka Art. Course in Ukrainian with English subtitles.



Info classes

1 Copyright

2 What are the style, rules of the style of Samchykivka Art, and the     

    history of the painting?

3 What will we learn in the course?

4 Materials

Practice classes

1 Leaves, in pencil

2 Color science

3 Leaves, in color (*work check)

4 Berries, nuts, Pysanka (Easter eggs), in pencil

5 Berries, nuts, Pysanka (Easter eggs), in color

6 Flowers in pencil

7 Flowers, in color

8 Bouquet, in pencil

9 Bouquet, in color  (*work check)

10 Guard birds, in pencil

11 Guard birds, in color (*work check)

12 Ukrainian ceramic pots, in pencil and color

13 Tree of life, in pencil

14 Tree of life, in color (*work check)

*My personal support to check the work.


How to start the course?


Click on the "buy" button and fill out the form.

Your name from this form will be included in the certificate upon completion of the course.


Pay for the course by PayPal


After confirmation of payment, you will receive a letter in the mail with access to the course, which one will open on the day the course starts. There you will be able to start classes by drawing at your own pace and send your drawings to me to check.


At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion of the beginner level of Samchykivka Art, in PDF format.


What do you get after the course?

  • Possession of basic knowledge of Samchykivka art.

  • Feeling the colors in the picture

  • You will be able to convey the mood in the picture

  • You will create your own color reality. While drawing, you fill with positive emotions, because all pictures are drawn with bright colors.

  • The most important thing is that you will become a part of the revival and popularization of this rare Ukrainian painting technique.

Would you like to receive news about the course?



Pay for the course by PayPal

  • Чи можуть діти навчатися на курсі?
    Самчиківський розпис - це графіка яка потребує твердої руки та охайності. Маленькі діти ще не мають таких навичок, тому цей курс підходить більш для старших дітей. Діти з 12 років.
  • Які потрібні матеріали для занять?
    На початку курсу є відео з матеріалами які я рекомендую.
  • Чи можуть іноземці навчатися на курсі?
    Так, іноземці можуть навчатися на курсі. Всі відео із субтитрами англійською мовою.
  • Що вам потрібно щоб почати?
    Попередні знання не потрібні для проходження цього курсу.
  • Can foreigners study the course?
    Yes, foreigners can study on the course. All videos with English subtitles
  • What do you need to get started?
    No prior knowledge is required to take this course.
  • What materials are needed?
    At the beginning of the course there are videos with materials that I recommend.
  • Can children study on the course?
    Samchykivka art is a graphic that needs a firm hand and neatness. Young children do not yet have such skills, so this course is more suitable for older children. Children from 12 years.

Let's get acquainted!

My name is Victoria Radochyna, I am a Ukrainian artist. I'm from Zaporizhzhia. I studied graphic design at the Academy of Design and Arts at Kharkiv State. I studied the technique of Samchykivka art from the folk master Viktor Rakovsky, in the village of Samchiki.

Now I live and work in Kyiv, where I create my own works and give visiting master classes, also to European countries. In 2018, I took part in the project of creating an art village Samchyki, where I painted houses. In 2019, I represented Samchykiva Art at the Days of Ukrainian Culture in the Netherlands, at the invitation of the Ukrainian Embassy.

I have been able to build a successful career by building on my own "artistic lifestyle brand", combining personal tastes and passions in my work.

I also created my own brand of my own souvenir products based on my paintings, prints of works are used on bags, ceramics, napkins, greeting cards, posters, paintings on canvas, toys, T-shirts, and polos.

 Most of my souvenirs are sold on the Internet and I cooperate with 'UA Made' shops and Duty-Free shops at Boryspil airport.

I also accept corporate orders for the production of my own souvenirs.


Victoria Radochyna

Founder of the Unique Souvenirs

let me open to you the world of Samchykivka Art



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