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is a Ukrainian artist, a master of Samchykivka Art. Member of the National Union of Masters of Decorative Arts of Ukraine (2019).


Was born in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. She graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (2008), majoring in graphic design. 


She studied the style of Samchykivka Art with the folk master Viktor Rakovsky.

She has been working in the technique of Samchykivka since 2017. She is actively involved in the revival and popularization of this rare decorative art.

Participant in Ukrainian and international exhibitions. In 2018 she took part in the project of creating an art village Samchyki, where she painted houses. In 2019, she presented the Samchykivka Art at the Days of Ukrainian Culture in the Netherlands, at the invitation of the Embassy of Ukraine. 


Created an author's online course to study Samchykivka art in Ukraine and abroad.


Owner of trademark Unique Souvenirs. Creates souvenirs with her works.

She lived and worked in Kyiv, but now she is located in Germany. Сonducts field workshops, also to European countries.


Samchykivka Art is a traditional painting technique. It is an amazing fusion of ancient ornaments, fabulous plants and beasts. Together with a variety of bright colors, it literally emits vital energy. Victoria defines it as “a gorgeous mixture of fire and water, where passionate blazing of toothed lines balances the serenity of smooth curves”.


Remaining an essential integral part of local customs and traditions, this restored ethno style introduces real cultural diversity. Victoria's contribution to Samchykivka should promote this unique phenomenon of Ukrainian ornamental folk art that absolutely deserves to be included to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ukraine.

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