Ukrainian artists revives Samchykivka

Member of the Union of Masters of Decorative Arts of Ukraine

Samchykivka is a traditional painting technique. It is an amazing fusion of ancient ornaments, fabulous plants and beasts. Together with variety of bright colors, it literally emits vital energy. Victoria defines it as “a gorgeous mixture of fire and water, where passionate blazing of toothed lines balances the serenity of smooth curves”.


This form of folk visual art attributed to small village Samchyki, Khmelnytsky region, Ukraine. Samchykivka Art had practically vanished and reappeared in mid-20th century. Victoria, an artist with strong academic background, adopted this painting technique from folk master Victor Rakovsky.


Remaining an essential integral part of local customs and traditions, this restored ethno style introduces real cultural diversity. Victoria's contribution to Samchykivka should promote this unique phenomenon of Ukrainian ornamental folk art that absolutely deserves to be included to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ukraine.