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Art Village

A while ago, members of the art-project “UAmaze” came up with an idea to create an art village in Ukraine, similar to the village of Zalipie in Poland. They have applied for a grant and received funds from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. The Scientific-Methodical Center for Culture and Arts of Khmelnytsky region has become their partner for this project.

And so, together with the volunteer artists we have implemented the project “New Life of Samchykivka’s Art”. In October 2018, during one week we have painted 10 houses in the village of Samchyki.

Thanks to the inspiration and talent of the artists as well as the initiative “UAmaze”, there is a unique picturesque Art Village in Ukraine now. When artists unite to achieve a particular goal together – something unique gets created.

The creative process

All artists who have joined the project “New Life of Samchykivka Art”  are principals at artistic studios, students of architectural faculties,  graphic designers and other people of creative professions. We all have earned high degrees in art education, but we are very different. 
Therefore, we all have become friends – we were united by our love of painting and by respect for our teacher Victor.

All the artists came from Kyiv. The locals were astonished. They did not understand why we have dropped everything and came to paint for free. 
The principal of local school has invited us to have a conversation with school students. We have told them about the value of culture, about our respect for it, explained how it shapes the world, how it influences our 
actions and our future. After the conversation, they began to paint their own yards and booths for dogs.

While being there we were starting to paint houses at 10am when the sun came out. We could not start earlier because it was still cold, the walls were still wet, and the paint simply leaked down the walls. Were finishing our work when the sun was setting down. It was a very hard work, but we were also very passionate about it!

Here are the artists and volunteers who took part in the process of painting the houses in Samchyki:

Oleksandr Pazhimsky
Victor Rakovsky
Sergey Kasyanov
Victoria Radochyna
Olga Mashevska
Anastasia Kilesso
Olga Radchenko
Yulia Ptah
Olga Muzychuk
Oles Denisyuk
Yana Vlasenko-Bernatska
Angelina Perchuk
Olexander Wolya
Anna Bat
Olga Polupan
Irina Zorina
Irina Titova

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