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If you think that Samchykivka art is an ancient painting technique, then you should get to know some more. Let me tell you an interesting story …

One day, artists made an incredible discovery in the archives of the Palace museum in the village of Samchyki. It was a chest, painted with a unique painting. The artists began to look for the origins of this technique. They digged through all documents, talked to the elders, but didn`t find any answers. And then one of the artists exclaimed: “Let us just paint like this!”.

So came the Samchykivka art. An accidental discovery has given rise to a new unique painting style. Alexander Pazhimsky is seen as the creator or “Father” of this art. In 1964, he has created an association of artists called “Prosvit”. In his work he was supported by fellow artists Genadiy Rakovsky, Volodymyr Polishchuk, Mikhail Yuzvuk, Mikhail Panchuk and Boris Schnaider. And it was from that year that the history of Samchykivka painting art has begun. And so a new art was born out of the mysterious chest in the museum and with Alexander Pazhimsky’s help.

What makes this art unique?

Samchykivka Art is a new Ukrainian Ethno. Traditions are being created now and we are all part of this miracle. Samchykivka Art is mostly plot. It is an amazing fusion of ancient ornaments, fabulous plants, and beasts. Together with a variety of bright colors, it literally emits vital energy. Folk master Victoria Radochyna defines it as “a gorgeous mixture of fire and water, where passionate blazing of toothed lines balances the serenity of smooth curves”. 

This technique is similar to the tapestry technique, but the paintings are painted mainly in gouache or tempera on paper. All plots have sacred symbols and meaning. The main element of Samchykivka Art is bright talent, inspiration, and love of color.

Remaining an essential integral part of local customs and traditions, this restored ethno style introduces real cultural diversity.

Triptych is a story of Samchykivka’s art

Once I painted a triptych – a painting story. In all the paintings there is an egg-pea, which symbolizes the idea of life and can be seen in different pictures.

Flowers – the unknown blooming past of this art that has pushed the egg-pea. The egg has hit the chest and it blossomed with an incredible beauty of this art. It spawned four masters – they are symbolized by pink-flowered blooms.

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