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Unique presentations, corporate gifts.

Everyone is tired of clichéd gifts. 
If you want to please many people with an interesting present or a goodie and do not want to spend all your money – I have an idea for you. 
T-shirts, eco-bags, décors and cups in a unique Samchykivka style reflecting new Ukrainian identity – I can create all this while featuring your logo or inscription. These will be unique corporate gifts.


Everything we do should lead to a qualitative life improvement. Taking into account the Ukrainian tradition of Samchykivka art, you get the necessary emotions and experience for these new changes.

For whom?

  • Participants of your conference 

  • Foreign guests 

  • Colleagues and partners 

  • Party guests (wedding, birthday, office opening, company anniversary) 


Share the joy of your success with others – give a beautiful and unique gift.


Minimum orders:

T-shirts – from 10 pieces 
Decorative soft toys – from 20 pieces 
Eco-bags or backpacks – from 50 pieces 
Horse – from 50 pieces


Prepayment of the order: 70% of the full amount. 
Manufacturing time: one month (time to adapt the layout and print)


Looking forward to receive your order: 
+38 066 628 30 00


Patriotism is not only an emblem or an embroidered shirt . It is the
preservation and maintenance of their traditions. Each Samchykivka style
item you purchase continues the development of this unique Ukrainian art.

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