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"The Tree of Life" is a symbol of the unification of the three worlds, that is, unity in the plural.

World Tree is one of the most popular symbols of Ukraine. It is a model of the universe and man, where for every creature, object or phenomenon there is a place. • Roots - Lower world, Nav - invisible world, spiritual, otherworldly, ancestral world, roots of "Tree of Life".

• Trunk - Middle world, Yav - world visible, clear, true. The Tree of Life trunk is the earthly existence of humans in space with the Sun.

• Crown - Upper world, Prav - the world of laws, rules, consecrated by customs, experience, rituals. In the crown of "Trees of Life" live gods. The "world tree" represents the cosmic order of the universe.


At the heart of the tree is a wooden cross - the original image of the "Tree of Life", symbolizing the model of a man with arms outstretched. The cross is an ancient sign of life, truth, and salvation as the idea of ​​eternity.


Material : Сanvas and tree pine

Size : 55x45 cm

Art Print on Canvas "World Tree"

SKU: 019
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