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Let me help you discover the art of Samchykivka!

Samchykivka painting technique masterclasses

Knowledge of your culture is understanding of your nature and genetic code. Therefore, I organize masterclasses to learn the technique of
Samchykivka Art. The main goal of these events is to keep this unique
Ukrainian painting technique flourishing. While painting you will be filled with positive emotions, because all
the paintings are painted in bright colors. Do you want to feel flood of
new energy? I will organize a masterclass for you and your friends or
loved ones. Imagine how nice it would be to describe yourself as being proficient in this unique technique! You will be one of the few people who nowadays paint in the style of Samchykivka Art.

Masterclasses can be of two types:

Drawing and knowledge of technology lesson

Samchykivka coloring toy (my invention). Color the soft toy, take it with you and give it to the ones you love


After the masterclass you can: 
improvise freely 
feel the colors 
express mood in painting 
But most importantly, you will become a particle of the revival and 
popularization of an extraordinary painting technique.


Masterclasses on your site in Ukraine: 
A group of 6 people. 
The standard duration of a masterclass is 3 hours.



Masterclasses on your site in European countries: 
A group of 10 people. 
The standard duration of the masterclass is 3 hours.

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